Dunnage for Plastic Containers
Divisions / Partitions for Plastic Containers

Dunnage for Plastic Containers

Divisions / Partitions for Plastic Containers

Soluplastic is a leader in the field of material development and personalized Dunnage. The protection of individual parts and complex assemblies is a priority.

Our corrugated plastic dividers and partitions are designed to fit your existing containers or our custom containers. Each divider or partition of corrugated plastic is custom designed and manufactured to perfectly contain and protect your product.

The consideration of the worker in the production line and the easy-to-use materials are equally important in the development of successful packaging solutions.

Soluplastic offers creative solutions that are simple, efficient and profitable. Partitions are one of the most basic designs for the protection of parts in a returnable environment. While many designs are simple, some partitions incorporate sophisticated designs to solve complex problems and reduce costs.

– Coroplast (corrugated plastic) from 2 mm to 10 mm
– Different types of protective foams
– Protective tarpaulins
– HDPE laminate

Soluplastic’s unparalleled capacity in plastic partitions and its short delivery times come from the combination of a wide variety of materials along with the largest range of partitioning equipment in the industry.

There are a series of variables that affect the quality and convenience of the general solution. Choosing the right material for your needs is the first step to protect the piece. Other considerations include whether the partitions should be designed not to “crumble” or if the partitions should be permanently attached to the container, designed for easy adaptation, or simply not attached to the container.

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