Molded pulp packaging by Soluplastic is made from 100% recycled paper

Soluplastic molded pulp is chemically and electrically neutral and will perform in virtually all temperatures and humidity levels

We help our customers achieve their sustainability goals through better packaging design and engineering

Molded Fiber Packaging is today's solution for superior product protection

We offer packaging solutions for all industries, great value and quality

No more plastic that lasts forever
In Soluplastic we believe that helping to reduce unnecessary trash helps the earth to avoid contamination. We are working hard to achieve this goal by developing solutions that reduce plastic pollution. If we reduce the use of plastic, we will reduce marine deaths an creation of patches of highly contaminated plastic islands.

We offer innovative solutions of molded pulp packaging, the best material to protect and preserve the characteristics and quality of your products.

We make your goal our main focus. Protect your product with our packaging.
Available in natural or colored fiber. 100% recyclable and compostable.

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Molded Pulp Lowers Costs by 70%

Costs associated with the price of an item includes transportation, warehousing, labor and design. We save our customers money and resources every day in each of these categories. Molded pulp can reduce costs by as much as 70% when compared to other packaging materials. Since our molded pulp is made from 100% recycled newspaper (mostly post-industrial), our cost for raw materials have been very stable for years. We pass this savings on to you.

Avaible fiber colors for all of our products:

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Custom Design

Proper structural packaging design needs to address everything from strength and product protection to brand representation, functionality, on-shelf presentation and container loading efficiency.

Our engineers design packaging that is not only true to brand, it protects and displays the product to its best advantage. And our rightsizing expertise allow our customers to fit more products in the shipping container and on their shelves. That translates into more profit per square inch. Each year, our engineers create thousands of unique designs for a variety of applications to fit our customers needs.

Other benefits

Molded Pulp Saves Valuable Space

We design our molded pulp packaging to nest and stack together. This allows for a greater quantity on each and every pallet enabling our customers to ship more per truckload. The cost savings for some parts can produce 50% less shipping volume, not to mention the warehouse space required for storage on your factory floor.

Molded Pulp Saves Valuable Time

Time is money and molded pulp packaging saves time at every step in the process. Expensive labor costs for assembly are eliminated. Shipments are less frequent which saves transportation time. Issuing fewer orders and invoices also leads to a reduction in administrative time. Soluplastic molded pulp is ready to use when it arrives at the point of packaging.

Molded Pulp Offers Protection and Cushioning

Some of the best ideas have been around for a while. Molded pulp has provided soft protection for eggs for over 100 years. It has exhibited superior performance in vibration tests and provides unmatched protection against the damaging effects of vibration and shock.

Soluplastic molded pulp is chemically and electrically neutral and will perform in virtually all temperatures and humidity levels.

Please tell us about your next project. Our Packaging Design Team will do a quick review, then call or email you to discuss how we can add value to your packaging.

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