Why rent Collapsible Bulk Containers?

• Initial capital expenditures for containers can be costly • Manage unforeseen cost due to fluctuations • Avoid expensive maintenance costs Complete flexibility and availability! • Control over the exact amount of packaging containers for changing needs • Your container inventory will always be clean, safe, and ready for use Increase efficiency! • Increase supply chain management on inputs and outputs • Know your monthly cost for bulk containers • Folding containers will help with space management at your location Sustainability! • Avoid waste that can damage our environment • Use completely recyclable products

Container Management Services and Logistics*

What is it?

Soluplastic is offering a new packaging solution that allows our customers to pay per use a complete line of collapsible containers and pallets

What does the solution include?

• Rent of containers and pallets • Shipping to filling location • Container management and logistics • Cleaning and repairs if needed • Container tracking

How do we do it?

Our service center has an extensive inventory of containers and pallets that are ready to be used by a pool of customers. At our service centers we will process your request and ship the packaging material that you need. *Exclusive for our Texas customers. People. Profit. Planet

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Let us help you SAVE MONEY on your Collapsible Containers Needs

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